Everyone can make movies!

No need to watch hours of tutorials before getting into the action! Easy and straightforward to use with unique tools designed for VR that make animating fast, easy and fun! With Puppet Play EVERYONE can animate!

Everything you need is included!

From custom tools that make your new life as an animator easier, like motion capture & the remote control, to a wide range of ready-to-use puppets, characters, sets & items! The only thing that is standing between you and an Oscar is your creativity!

We are still in Early Access, new tools & assets are coming in regular updates. Is there anything missing? Let us know on any of our social media accounts!


Lukas Hort

Concept, Design & Development

Christin Gan

Character & 2D Artist

Niklas Rüffler

Envrionment Artist

Puppet Play started as an university project at Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences in the study course Animation & Game.